Poem: Depression and decree

How often do we see the loss
Of the bigger picture,
When man, in misfortune, loses sight
Of the greatest truth of nature.
When life in the world
Becomes blind engulfment,
When the remembrance of the Lord
Becomes an irrelevant estrangement.

No exception, can I confidently claim,
From lacking faithful patience.
In me, too, does the war ensue
Between darknesses and the source of radiance.
Yet despite this binding entanglement
I hope my eyes begin to open.
Maybe I see where depression strays from tawakkul,
So perhaps this word should be spoken…

In us is seen, quite clearly,
The root of sadness and depression –
Misfortune declared openly, whilst
Good fortune suffers suppression.
“He did this, she did that,
Why is it always me?
Should there come any happiness,
It shan’t be what I wish to see!”
HE decrees it all,
Whether we see it good or bad.
HIS shelter is the sufficing refuge
We neglected, yet always had.
Were we to just seek contentment
In the decree of our Lord,
We’d be indifferent to the worldly mishaps,
Every difficulty endured.
To seek comfort in His company,
Upon His wisdom, having reliance.
Not being angry, nor haughty, nor lamenting,
Nor turning away in defiance.
Contentment is not going after
The things which others have got.
Did you not hear what the Prophet ﷺ said?
“Contentment is in one’s lot”.
“Do not look at those above you” he said.
“Rather look at those below”
He said that would be best for us,
True words, were we only to know!

So when You remember the days that passed,
Do you remember bad or good?
Perhaps the days of good are overlooked,
Perhaps the bad is misunderstood?
Perhaps others experienced more sadness,
Perhaps they’ve felt more down.
Or perhaps they’ve coped, with faith in Allah,
Perhaps that removed their frown?
So when you fall and when you stumble,
Don’t give up, don’t feel stressed.
From words that ‘pick you up’ when you’re down,
Surely the Quran is the best.
The thing to remember, is above all else:
This life is merely a test.
And when this test tries you, keep in mind:
“In the remembrance of Allah, hearts find rest”.


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