Poem: ar-Rabb is He

What follows is  poem that I have written:


Poem: ar-Rabb is He. 

Who is my Lord? Allah, الرّبّ (ar-Rabb) is He. 

He created us amongst His creations. 
He designed us amongst His designs. 
He provided for us amongst His dependants. 
He gave us guidance, He showed us His signs. 
He gave us a choice to worship Him; the universe is constrained under His command. 
Destined for all of creation, is that which the All-Wise has planned. 
He gave us intellect and understanding, all knowledge and wisdom is His. 
We observe, we think, we analyse; the best way will always be His. 

From Him we ask that he provides for our needs. 
From Him we ask that He accepts our deeds. 
From Him we ask that He makes clear to us the right way. 
From Him we ask that He not let us go astray. 

The Creator of the universe, to Him is all praise. 
He made the moon, the stars, the planets, the sun spreading its rays. 
The creatures on land, the fish in the sea – 
none would exist, were it not willed by He. 
From organisms beyond our sight, to birds flying overhead – 
had He not sustained us, all life would have been dead. 
To Him we give thanks for allowing us to choose, 
in Him we seek refuge from this favour being misused. 

Him alone do we worship, not worshipping any other in between. 
We say إيّاك نعبد و إيّاك نستعين .


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