An admonition to the soul

O soul covered with blotches of sin,
O heart filled with the flow of guilt,
O mind occupied with the thought of wrongdoing!

Smeared in shame and gluttony as you are,
Do you even obstruct the light of the Quran from entering your heart?
Do you not cry at the words of your Rabb, in fear, in love, in repentance, in amazement and in awe?
Sinning as you are, do you deprive yourself of the fruits of hidayah?

Let not the preoccupation with the dunya mesmerise you!
Experience the joys of the dunya as you may,
Let not your soul long for nourishment except from the Quran and Sunnah,
Let not your heart’s loftiest abode be taken by anything other than these two.
Let the love for Allah radiate from the deepest core of your heart,
Let your reciprocation in return for His rahmah spread outward to the very tips of your limbs.
Let your love for Him become manifest in the correctness of your belief
And let your love for Him become manifest through constantly seeking His pleasure by your actions.
For that is the basis of our imaan
And that is the essence of our Islam.